Better Windows for great Kiwis

Aluminium Windows

European Aluminium Windows

European aluminium windows made from Aliplast® or Aluprof®-aluminium profiles offer all the advantages of aluminium together with the tightness and high insulation values of windows built at European standards.


uPVC Windows

European uPVC Windows

European uPVC windows for the best thermal performance, made by one of the largest window manufacturers in Europe for the harsh New Zealand weather conditions and high UV radiation. uPVC windows are the most economic way to get the comfort of European windows: warm and dry climate inside, NO condensation on the frames nor on the glass, no ugly gutters at the windows, one handle for tilt and turn and optional high security features.


Timber Windows

European Timber Windows

European timber windows made of Meranti are the most natural and ecological alternative. They all come with similar features as the uPVC windows, but are made of a natural resource.


Better Windows for Great Kiwis

Started with the vision to make more homes in New Zealand to warm, dry and healthy homes we sought to find a reliable European manufacturer who could produce reasonably priced windows of high performance and quality. We found them and now we are importing German style windows and doors for New Zealanders to enjoy.

Up to now, new built homes in New Zealand come with windows that are double glazed, but the frames are still made of so called cold aluminium. The problem: Aluminium is a metal which is a very good thermal conductor. The advantage of the double glazing is lost using these aluminium frames as they transport the warmth directly to outside. You lose enormous warmth inside, pay more for energy than necessary and you get condensation on the joinery that creates humidity and mould inside your home.

In order to stop the enormous heat loss, save money and make your home warmer and dryer, you can use better materials: thermally broken aluminium profiles, uPVC profiles or timber. Thermally broken aluminium profiles have a plastic connector between the inner and outer aluminium, which stops the heat transfer. uPVC and timber are very good thermal insulators for themselves.
We always use highly insulated double or triple glazed panes and insulated frames for our windows and doors. This means: the warmth is kept inside and the cold outside. Condensation on the frames or glass is history!

Our Fenestro windows and doors have the added advantage of a single handle to tilt them vertically or turn them horizontally.
The materials, technology and principles used in Fenestro windows have been used and proven to work world-wide for more than four decades.


  • Tightness and Insulation

    All the windows we offer are built to strong European standards. They are tight and extremely well insulated. Most models could be used to build so called Passive Homes. Ask us for Code Certificates.

  • One handle to open. Easy as.

    Windows and doors have just one handle to open. Easy as.

  • Design and Style

    Whether you want to renovate an old villa or you are going to build a new modern home, nearly everything is possible. Especially for renovating purposes a lot of possible design elements are available to keep the charm of your old house for a reasonable prices.

Easy to clean tilt and turn windows

Easy to Clean

Windows open to inside. They are easy to clean
especially on the second floor.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn
with just one handle

Open the window completely inwards or just tilt it for ventilation
with just one handle
Easy as.

Security Hardware

Security Hardware

Multiple bolts lock every window
and make your home secure against burglars.

Design Elements

Design Elements

You can get glazing bars in different varieties - even inside the glas -,
different colours inside and outside,
choose between a variety of handles,...
Nearly everything is possible. Just ask!


Please get in touch with us. Use the form below or phone us. We will come around, show you the fantastic Fenestro possibilities and measure up your windows and doors. If you have a window plan of your home, you can send it to info@fenestro.nz. We will give you a non binding quote for free. Isn't that great?